Hawa Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) Natural Tinted 3/4 inch x 3 5/8 inch 25.5 sf/ctn

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    90 lbs
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Looking for a more elegant look for your new floor? Brazilian cherry is the answer. This exotic floor gives you the warmth and modern look you desire. Like a fine wine, this floor only gets better with age. Where other species fade, brazilian cherry deepens and darkens with time.

All wood floors will change when the moisture in the air changes. With the change of seasons the relative humidity in your house will flucuate. Certain products will show these changes more.

\n\nA 5\" wide plank will shrink TWICE as much as a 2 1/4\" strip. \n

\nSo the size of the gap between 5\" boards will be twice as big as the gap between 2 1/4\" boards.

Wood is a photosensitive product of nature. All species are affected by sunlight, however some species are affected more. Over time, this product will darken and emphasize more of the natural color variation of the product.\nBrazilian Cherry is a photo-sensitive wood that will turn a darker red with exposure to sunlight.

  • technical
    • Showroom Location
    • Sample Location
    • Color
    • Construction
    • Surface Texture
    • Manufacturer
      Hawa - Rocky Hardwood
    • Country of Origin
    • Species
      Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)
    • Prefinished
      Yes, UV-Cured Aluminum-Oxide
    • Manufacturer ID
    • Thickness
      3/4 inch
    • Width
      3 5/8 inches
    • Length
      Multiple Length up to 72 inches
    • Janka Hardness
    • Edge Detail
      4 Sided Micro Edge
    • Coverage per Unit
      25.5 sf/ctn
    • Units per case/pallet
    • Sheen
      Semi Gloss
    • Shade Variation
    • Warranty
      25 years
    • Installation Type
      Nail Only
    • Installation Level
      On, Above Ground Level
    • Photosensitivity