Engineered Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood has multiple layers of different type of wood sandwiched together to make a super stable floor.
Engineered is your best choice:
  • Over Concrete
  • For Wide Plank (Over 3 inches)
  • If you are worried about height

Installation methods differ with product. Some can be glued down, glued together or locking.
Once installed, most people cannot tell the difference between an engineered and a solid floor.

Starting at $1.29 sf

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A16E992C Clearance Engineered Hardwood White Oak Natural 1/2 inch x 3 inch 21.18 sf/ctn CABIN GRADE
$1.09  per sf
$23.09  per boxes
A16E760C Clearance Engineered Hardwood Limed Riverside Walk Hickory EBHBI53L401W 3/8 inch x 5 inch 39.27 sf/ctn
$1.29  per sf
$50.66  per boxes
M26E136C Clearance Engineered Hardwood Mullican 3/8 x 5 Ponte Verda Hickory Destin 38 sf sf/ctn Only 3 left in stock
$1.29  per sf
$49.02  per box
A16E983C Clearance Engineered Hardwood Birch Hometown Elegance Coastal Island 3/8 inch x 6.5 inch 39.05 sf/ctn
$1.29  per sf
$50.37  per boxes
A16E986C Clearance Engineered Hardwood Birch Hometown Elegance Seaside Calm 3/8 inch x 6.5 inch 39.05 sf/ctn Only 4 left in stock
$1.29  per sf
$50.37  per boxes
A16E885C Clearance Engineered Hardwood Maple Tudor Tan EMEC74L02SEE 1/2 inch x 6.5 inch 28.5 sf/ctn Only 6 left in stock
$1.39  per sf
$39.62  per boxes
M26E172C Clearance Mullican Engineered Hardwood 3/8 x 5 Java Maple HDF Locking 24.5 sf sf/ctn
$1.49  per sf
$36.51  per box
M26E130C Clearance Engineered Value Collection Euro Sawn White Oak Charoal Wirebrushed 1/2 x 7 31 sf sf/ctn CABIN GRADE Only 7 left in stock
$1.59  per sf
$49.29  per box
A16E909C Clearance Engineered Hardwood EHNCM3L03H Hickory Dipped in Honey 3/8 inch x 4,5,6.5 inch 30.91 sf/ctn Only 10 left in stock
$1.79  per sf
$55.33  per boxes
A16E924S Engineered Hardwood Locking White Oak Gray EKHD73L60W 3/8 inch x 7.25 inch 32.63 sf/ctn
$1.79  per sf
$58.41  per boxes
A16E990C Clearance Engineered Hardwood Japanese Walnut Natural 5/8 inch x 7.5 inch 23.48 sf/ctn CABIN GRADE
$1.79  per sf
$42.03  per boxes
A16E989C Clearance Engineered Hardwood Locking Hickory Autumn 3/8 inch x 5 inch 22 sf/ctn
$1.79  per sf
$39.38  per boxes
Products: 112 of 90